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Acid Stain, Acrylic Stain, Epoxy Coatings, Non-Skid Coatings, Sealed Concrete
and Stamped Concrete

Precision Concrete Staining & Engraving warranties all materials and
workmanship for 1 year from the date of completion.

Scored and engraved patterns and designs are guaranteed for the life of the slab.

PCS&E is not responsible for concrete, cracks or any characteristics of the
concrete. We are also not responsible for defects caused by improperly poured,
trowel’d or cured concrete.

PCS&E is not responsible for defects due to ground moisture or efflorescence
resulting in milky or clouded sealer or lack of proper maintenance or use of the
subject area.

Precision Concrete Staining is an established company using demonstrated methods and
techniques for Decorative Concrete.  The crews are trained in the manufacturers’
recommended procedures to maximize the long-term performance of the products being
used.  Each step of the preparation, coloring and sealing processes are carefully executed
and monitored.  This watchful approach ensures that the installation is durable and that
the colors are as close to the desired results as possible.  The coloring agents used by
PCS in the Acid Staining processes are not paint products.  Our products are translucent
acid stains which cause a chemical reaction to form the color and surface imperfections
and inconsistencies are not covered up as they would be with paints. PCS can not be held
responsible for materials previously on the concrete to include substances dropped by
other building trades, unnatural trowel marks or natural occurrences such as animal
marks, tree droppings etc.  All efforts will be exhausted to remove such materials prior to
staining.  The chemical make up or toweling method may also affect the stain color and
marbling effects, sometimes prohibiting the stain to react and create the desired color.  
Finished concrete can have many variations of color from white to very dark gray.  The
color of the raw concrete will affect the final color of the stain.  For instance, a dark gray
concrete floor will be dark regardless of the color of stain used.  Although we will make
every effort to give our customers as close to the color desired, we cannot guarantee that
there will not be other colors that appear.  
Depending on your expectations, some of the effects that reactive stains create may be
construed as defects.  Color variation will: occur in the concrete due to the particular set of
chemical properties of each slab, even in a slab that appears consistent in color.  Therein
lays the stone-like beauty of this process.  Expect to get different reactions from one
surface to another and even within the borders of the same slab.  Some characteristics

        May not cover evenly
        Will not cover stain sealed or pained surfaces
        Will give different color on different batches of concrete
        Will not give exact color
        May show concrete defects and blemishes through the stain
        May show areas of discoloration through the stain
        Will not change surface texture of the concrete

The marbling and variations in color and occasional surface irregularities enhance the
natural appearance of the finished surface, and are the reason Acid Stain is such a popular
and unique flooring option.   
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